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Meet some of the team at Energy Relief. We're a fun bunch and always keen to meet like-minded people. From international ice skaters to entrepreneurs, we share a common mission and are excited you've visited the site. Join the revolution!


Nick Proctor

Co-Founder and Owner

I founded Energy Relief with a mission to raise more than £1M for local community projects and UK charities in 2 years. It's a big number; over 30,000 households, but when you take in to account around 100,000 households switch in the UK I think it's within reach....I've also got a big vision to provide clean power to all those without power in Africa. I coined this 'Turn a light off Turn a light on' & it's a community project you can opt to support! When I'm not involved in energy I tend to get involved in sport, playing a bit of tennis or golf. 


Ashley Govier


I joined forces with Nick to Co-found Energy Relief in 2014 after working on previous schemes to help the battle against fuel poverty in Wales. In 2013 as the Capital City’s Cabinet for Environment, I launched The All Wales Switching Scheme called Cyd Cymru. In just 3 months Cyd Cymru registered almost 5500 people offering circa £1 million in combined savings and provided £20,000 to the local food bank. I'm committed to making sure Energy Relief stays on course to deliver vital funds to communities that really need it. I'm not quite as good as Nick at golf but you'll find me in the 19th hole!


Tom Hooper

Trainee Fundraising Manager

I'm Tom. I'm fresh to the team after a gap year travelling the world and I'm excited to be getting stuck in to such a great organisation. My family have always been keen to help and support others & my sister actually heads up the fund-raising for a national charity. I'm a big believer in doing things right and giving back, so it's great to be on board at Energy Relief. When I'm not at work, or driving around in the Energy Relief car (it's the one with a solar panel on the roof!) you'll find me in the gym or watching sports!




Hi I'm John. I'm a volunteer at Energy Relief which often means I'm getting my hands dirty with a number of different things; from trying to spread the word of what we are doing, to working with new partners to make sure they can make a difference in their community. I'm an energy engineer at amber energy (who are the guys behind Energy Relief) & I'm a big food lover. Happy to grab a coffee and chat energy any time!



Voluntary Marketeer

I'm Becky. I decided to volunteer in 2016 as I'm passionate about helping others. You'll often find me coming up with new ways to spread the word and to get people switching on Energy Relief. To me it's a great idea; saving money and supporting a community is a unique opportunity for us all to come together and really make a difference. I've got some ideas for taking the mission global and I'm currently working on marketing & PR opportunities for Energy Relief. 

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