It's simple to get involved. You switch with Energy Relief online here: When you've switched you can choose which community project or charity to support by sending them 100% of the switching fee (normally kept by the switching site). 



It doesn't matter to us which charity you choose. We think every cause is worthwhile. What does matter is that it's your choice & 100% of the money we receive from your switch goes to where you choose! 



Community projects are put forward by companies in your local area. If you are a community group or know somebody or something needing our support please let us know. In the meantime, choose from a range of projects; from providing those without power access to clean solar energy, to the Cardiff Blues #staystrongforows campaign. Switch, Save, Support today. 


Enter your details

1 Enter your details

You will need your postcode, you need to know who your current supplier is, and the name of the tariff you are on; this is all available on your bill. If you get stuck email us a copy of your bill and we will fill it out for you.

Compare Tariffs

2 Compare Tariffs

When you’ve entered your details you can click 'compare now' and see what options are available to you; who the cheapest supplier is, and most importantly, you can see the full range of market options from the big 6 to the little guy.

Switch energy supplier

3 Switch energy supplier

Choose your supplier based on your preferences and switch.

Ideally, the switch should take no longer than 17 days from the date you arranged to change supplier. This allows for a 14 day “cooling off period” where you can change your mind about switching. This comes after energy regulator Ofgem challenged gas and electricity companies to cut their switching times.


Support your chosen Cause

4 Support your chosen Cause

Immediately after you’ve clicked to switch, you will be able to support your chosen community project or charity; from projects locally to supporting families in Africa with a solar panel and charging station; it’s up to you! We can do this because energy suppliers pay a switching fee to “switching sites” which we then pass onto to a charity or community project of choice. So, this means your offers are the same but the switching fee’s (that you didn't know about until now!) which normally go back into the pocket of the switching site, are instead recycled into projects, charities, and communities you want to support!

See our partners and projects
Join the Revolution
Join the Revolution
Become a part of something special whilst saving yourself some money. It's a no brainer!