Care & Repair Cymru

Care & Repair Cymru’s vision is to ensure that all older people in Wales are able to live independently in homes that are safe, secure and appropriate to their needs. We lead and support a network of Care & Repair Agencies across Wales who provide practical support and advice to almost 30,000 older people very year.


During 2015-16 Care & Repair agencies:


  • Helped 15,577 people with work to prevent trips and falls in the home.
  • Helped 16,421 people to adapt their home and remain living independently.
  • Facilitated home repairs and maintenance worth £12,598,477
  • Helped 1,728 people to find solutions to heating and affordable warmth problems.
  • Helped 1,044 people to increase their income by a collective £4,820,426


We are a friendly, passionate, trusted Welsh charity providing a practical service that makes a difference for older people. We are able to reach out to isolated communities in all corners of Wales and make a practical difference that saves lives, reduces anxiety and loneliness and keeps older people safe and warm.

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Actively working to ensure that all older people have homes are safe, secure and appropriate to their needs.

- Care & Repair Cymru
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