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For the last 20 years Safer Wales has been working with victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Safer Wales Streetllife project protects women who are exploited through prostitution.

We protect the women through our evening outreach and intensive daytime support. The service is supported by over 40 dedicated volunteers who dedicate their time.
In 2014/15;
· Streetlife reported 99 violent attacks which were committed against the women
· Up to 216 supported on evening outreach
· 119 women provided with housing support to prevent homelessness
· 260 women provided with support and safety plans
· Providing outreach 208 evenings per year in the Cardiff area
We are passionate, driven and determined to make a positive difference to people’s lives by providing them with the practical and effective support and advocacy they need.

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'We work to help people feel safer in their daily lives.'

- Safer Wales
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