The Jacob Abraham Foundation

The Jacob Abraham Foundation was set up after the death of Jacob aged 24 who took his own life through suicide in October 2015. His death deeply shocked his family and friends within the local community as Jacob presented as ‘happy go lucky guy’.  This raised many questions around the complexities of mental health in young men.

We decided as a family to set up a foundation in Jacob’s memory to help other young men suffering from anxieties, depression and overwhelming feelings of despair.  We aim to raise awareness in mental health and in doing so reduce the stigma, and encourage open conversations about mental health.  We would like to ensure that boys and young men know who to speak to about their concerns, which could prevent them feeling that suicide is their only option.

We aim to:

Raise awareness and educate young men of mental health.  Improve access and information around self-care through providing coping mechanisms through posters and leaflets.

Provide training to local communities on suicide intervention and prevention.

Establish procedures for immediate support and information to be given to family and friends affected by suicide.

To date we have:

We have delivered 2 workshops on suicide intervention and prevention to 40 members of the local and surrounding community in Splott, Cardiff.

We have funded for Well-being Practitioner to be placed in Willows High School for young people to have the chance to talk about self-care and well-being as talking about mental health.

We are in the consultation process with young people to put together posters around mental health, suicide and well-being the aim is to provide young people with coping mechanisms.

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The Jacob Abraham Foundation seeks to help prevent male suicide and support people bereaved through suicide in South Wales 

- Nicola and David Abraham
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