The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society is the UK’s leading autism charity. We are proud to be the only autism charity in the UK that supports people whatever their age, wherever they live and wherever they lie on the autism spectrum. Last year we supported around 100,000 people through our 8 autism specific schools, around 60 adult support centres and over 100 volunteer run branches.

We campaign for a better world for autistic people and their families and train autism professionals, including teachers and social workers so more autistic people receive excellent care. We also provide a national support service through our helpline and its specialist services which help autistic people and their families with areas including education, employment, welfare and ageing.

Based on our experience, and with support from our members, donors and volunteers, we provide life-changing information and advice to millions of autistic people, their families and friends. And we support professionals, politicians and the public to understand autism better so that more autistic people of all ages can be understood, supported and appreciated for who they are.

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How your money helps
Help an Autistic Adult

£10 could help an autistic adult to attend a social group for a month to learn valuable skills and make new friends.

Support our Helpline

£30 could help us support two families using our helpline at a time of crisis.

Support a Family

£80 could help us support a family struggling with their child's educational rights for three months.

We want a world where all people living with autism get to lead the lives they choose.

- National Autistic Society
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