When you switch, every penny goes directly to the community, a charity, or to providing clean power in Africa (depending on your choice). Private donors fund our operating costs, so that 100% of your money can go to the field. We work with a local partner to install solar panels around the world. And every time one is successfully installed, we send out the photos of the families connected with that solar panel, as well as GPS coordinates for you to track the whereabouts of the solar panel you have supported.

You can see the project you supported at

We don’t’ make any money from the switching process. 100% of the money we receive goes to the charities and community projects you choose. Guaranteed. We rely on corporate and private donors to pay our operational costs but we are not for profit. This means that any money we receive is constantly recycled back into the Energy Relief mission. Private donors are much appreciated from the very smallest of amounts, and we'd love for you to be part of our journey in raising valuable funds to worth wile causes.