What's the Big Idea?

Energy Relief is the UK's 1st not for profit energy switching site for domestic households. This means any profit we make is going to go straight back into the heart of the community. In fact 100% of the switching fees we receive (when you use our switching engine to move energy supplier) will go to a charity or community project of your choice! We stay 'above water' by donations and corporate sponsorship. Our switching engine is Ofgem approved, so you have peace of mind our rates are competitive too and will be displayed in a clear and accurate way. 

Its simple. You switch. You save. You support.

The process is straight forward and we have a few key promises:

  • 100% of your switching fee will go to your chosen community project or charity (this is every time you switch to a new supplier; it’s not just a a one-off marketing stunt!)
  • You choose your preferred supplier and switch online. FYI we receive the same switching fee from each one, so your results are not skewed- It's Ofgem approved after all. 
  • When we've received your switching fee we will send 100% of it to the community project or charity you choose. 
  • The pricing displayed will always be displayed clearly and accurately and will give you a clear view of the rates and charges. 
Want to get a community or project online?

Get a community project close to your heart off the ground.Set a target, set a launch date and get your company behind it. It doesn't matter what you want to do as long as it's for someone really in need or a local community project. Get in touch today. 

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