Owen Williams suffered a serious spinal injury playing for the region in Singapore in July 2014.

Williams has been supported in his recovery by the remarkable emergence of the #StayStrongForOws social media campaign, which has seen more than £200,000 raised for the Aberdare-born player in partnership with the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust.

There are lots of ways to support and stay strong for Ows. At amber energy we are aiming to raise £500 via energy relief to support the cause. Switch, Save, and #StayStrongForOws

You can find out more about the work being done here http://www.staystrongforows.com 





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Project Target: £500

At amber energy we decided to launch energy relief to support local community projects without asking people for money. We're proud to be support Ows and encourage people to Switch, Save, and #StayStrongForOws

- Nick Proctor - Founding Director
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